About Me

My name is Celeste Watson and I am a Life and Relationship Coach focusing on the relationship that you have with yourself. Have you recently started a diet or a new gym membership? Or didn’t have to reactivate because even though you weren’t going you still haven’t cancelled your membership from last year? You are not alone. I am one month vegan and kept my membership so I could tan for my upcoming vacation. I have found in my life and career that the biggest barrier standing between women and worthiness is not their weight. Their weight is only a symptom of their unworthiness.


I have experienced some pretty painful things in my life and all of those things led me to hate one person more than anyone else, myself. As women, we take on

the responsibility for the pain inflicted upon us and we claim it as our own. In

my coaching practice, I help women identify the beliefs that they have about themselves and the actual truth about what caused those beliefs in the

first place. Acknowledging the lie and then transforming it with truth

will allow you to release all of the guilt, shame, and fear that has

been holding you back from the body you want, the relationship

you want, and the life you want. Participants in my program will

learn how to take back their power, reclaim their worthiness,

and live the life they know they are meant to live.


If you are ready to take action, please click the link below to book

your complimentary coaching consultation.


Phone: 515-421-5175


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