About Me

After twenty years in Corporate America, I realized something was missing. I went through my entire career craving recognition and validation trying prove that I was "good enough." I was a successful, well respected, high achieving professional, but that is not how I saw myself. People in my life continuously reminded me that the only person who didn't think I was a "badass" was me.

Up to this point, my life had more downs than it did ups. I do not remember ever feeling truly content or at peace. I filled the emptiness with relationships, food, alcohol, and even exercise but it was never enough. Scarred by my life experiences and afraid to allow myself happiness, I walked around on auto pilot. The girl who hadn't died, but wasn't really living.

Someone once told me "these things did not happen to you, they happened for you." Huh? Could she be right? I have worked through these painful memories and false beliefs and found my way back to life. I am a strong woman, with a gentle heart and loving soul. My gift is the ability to help other women remember who they are and live the life they were meant to live. Are you happy with your life or is there something missing? Please book your free consultation and learn how I will help you find the person you know you were meant to be.


Phone: 515-421-5175


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